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Groove on Fight. Rock the GO!

Groove Haircut
18 June
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Born in Alexandria, VA, stayed there until I went off to school at 18, promptly dropped out after 2.5 years at NYU studying theater. Realized all of a sudden I hated actors. Since then I've been in Atlanta working in graphic design and steadily coming up with fewer reasons to keep avoiding going back to school. I want to get into video game development so I can try to improve the plots and character development in that woefully underutilized medium. Partial to dogs, sick of almost everything on TV, and learning that I don't like much that isn't animated. Progenitor of the true-school vg underground movement.
1up, 7 heads, a tribe called quest, aaron macgruder, afvs, ample parking, animation, anti-globalization, artificial anger, aviation, batman, beastie boys, beliefs, big the cat, biking, blade runner, blowin' up da spot, boondocks, breakfast cereal, bringing down the barksdales, bruce lee, bushido, carpetbagging, climbing, comics, core values, core values & beliefs, corporate pig, counter-strike, cowboy bebop, creativity of all sorts, cunnilingus, cv&bs, de la soul, def jux, deltron 3030, dogs, e102 gamma, el da sensei, el-p, ellamosca scrambooty ey?, film, firefly, game design, game development, giant robots, girls who wear glasses, good anime, good science fiction, gorng festler, graphic design, half-life, hip hop, hip-hop, homestar runner, homsar, humor, imperfection, intelligent conversation, jazz, jews, judaism, karma, kerang, kick the norbert, kissing, knuckles the echidna, leftists, lego, liberals, liberty entendre, lightning, lisa hayes, love, megaweapon, men's pocky, miles "tails" prower, monkeys, more giant robots, movies, mr. lif, my bed, naked, new urbanism, new york city, opa-opa, photoshop, politics, pretty girls, progressives, protoculture, pudding, punk, radiohead, rain, rap, redheads, rick hunter's hairdo, robotech, samurai, sarcasm, sega, sex, sexy ladies, shakespeare, sigmund, ska, sleep, so fucking vancouver, sonic the hedgehog, star wars, stig diggety, storms, storytelling, the boondocks, the simpsons, the wierd store, thunder, toast, trimming aubrey's beardsley, true school, turkey sandwiches, veritechs, video games, web design, wit, women, writing, yallapete's store of hell